America's Sportsmen Taking Care Of The Predator Problem ...

                  The Largest Of Which Is The United States Government! 

     Lobo Watch 2 Will Pick Up Where The Original Lobo Watch Stopped!  

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                Welcome To  The New Dawn Of Wildlife Management

     America's sportsmen, the hunters and the fishermen of this country, have been the true wildlife conservationists, who for more than a hundred years have fully supported providing for this country's deer ... elk ... ducks ... fisheries ... upland birds ... wild turkeys ... bighorn sheep ... pronghorns ... and every other species of game and fish.  That support includes financing the establishment and annual operations of our state game & fish departments and the improvement of wildlife and fisheries habitat, which in turn also provides needed cover, feed and water for many other non-game birds, animals and aquatic life. Operating under the North American Model For Wildlife Management, fully supported by sportsman dollars, these agencies were able to bring most game animals back from the brink of extinction to record numbers by the late 1900's - providing tremendous hunting opportunities for those who had financed the way for that conservation success story.

     The bounty of wildlife found in this country HAS NOT been due to any efforts by phony conservation groups like the Defenders of Wildlife ... the National Wildlife Federation ...  or The Nature Conservancy.   These so-called conservation organizations, and dozens of others just like them,  have invested nothing in true wildlife conservation.   The hundreds of millions of dollars they milk from the American public every year goes directly into their own pockets ... or to fund legal actions against hunting and fishing ... against those who are actually footing the bill for wildlife conservation, not only here in North America, but around the world.     
     During the early to mid 1990's, wildlife conservation in the U.S. entered some very dark days ... where it remains today.  Many universities began to teach wildlife management practices in direct contradiction of the very model which saved our wildlife from nearly being lost forever.  That radical "New Wave" conservation is based on simply letting nature "do it's thing" ... and eliminating the hunter's role in harvesting surplus game to keep wildlife populations in balance with the habitat.  This new direction for wildlife management has been fully supported by the anti-hunting wildife conservation groups ... who have pushed for ever larger predator populations to eliminate surplus game numbers.  One of the greatest wildlife disasters in our lifetimes has been one such effort, fully forced upon the American public, known as "Wolf Recovery".

     Many state wildlife agencies bought into the idiocy of allowing wolf populations to grow unchecked for far too long before some degree of managment, or control, was implemented. The result has been a dramatic loss of big game populations wherever those wolf numbers were allowed to rapidly expand - like the 80-percent loss of the elk herds in many areas of the Northern Rockies...the 60- to 70-percent loss of huntable whitetail deer populations in the upper Midwest ... and a similar impact on wildlife populations along the Eastern seaboard.  

     What's a real shame is how the state wildlife agencies within these "Wolf Recovery" areas forsaked the sportsmen who had paid their wages ... to side with the phony wildlife conservation groups who had pushed for and financed the education of agenda driven "new wave" wildlife biologists and managers.  Some state agencies, like Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks ... the Idaho Department of Fish and Game ... and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources have actually fraudulently hidden true wolf numbers, and have outright lied about the impact wolves (and other predators) were having on game populations.  The dirtiest of this country's wildlife agencies has been the United States Fish and Wildlife Service ... which has worked hand in hand with those same disengenuine wildlife conservation groups ... and which even embezzled upwards of $65-MILLION from the taxes sportsmen paid on shooting, hunting and fishing gear ... which was illegally used to fund a number of non-approved projects ... including the dumping of non-native Canadian wolves into Montana, Wyoming and Idaho.

     It's now time to hold people...groups...and agencies accountable for the damage they've inflicted on real wildlife conservation...and the wildlife resources of America.  The sole purpose of Lobo Watch 2 will be to keep those guilty agencies...dirty organizations...and anti-hunting individuals in the spotlight ... until this wrong has been righted.  

     Your help is needed - and appreciated. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Toby Bridges,                                                                                                                                Lobo Watch 2 

           Together ... Let's Take On Our Enemies ... And Put An End To The Predator Carnage That Is                     Destroying America's Wildlife ... And To Hold Those Responsible For This Wildlife Disaster                                                      Accountable!  Let's Now Take This Fight To The Next Level...