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                                               JANUARY 2017
January 9, 2917
Why Jim Beers Needs To Head The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
No other person in America is better qualified to clean up the dirtiest wildlife agency in this country.  Jim Beers is a 32 year veteran of that agency - serving as a biologist...special agent...and as the Chief of National Wildlife Refuge Operations.  He has witnessed the under the table dealing of the agency with the very radical environmental groups which have resulted in a glut of predators...and the drastic loss of big game.  Jim is also the person who blew the whistle on that agency illegally dipping into Pitman-Robertson funds ... to finance illegal projects and operations - including the transplant of an invasive north-central Canada subspecies of wolf into the Greater Yellowstone Area - resulting in the tremendous loss of big game animals...and hunting opportunities.  Be sure to catch this one ... it reveals exactly how out of tune USFWS is with real wildlife conservation - and needs a serious overhaul. -