Montana Governor Appoints Known                      Environmentalist To Head Game & Fish Agency

   Montana Governor Steve Bullock (D)

Dear Governor Bullock;

Following is an e-mail that went out this past weekend to around 30 colleagues in the battle to put an end to the destruction of Montana's wildlife resources by out of control predator numbers...and our agenda driven Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks.  That agency is now incapable of properly managing wildlife as mandated by the Montana State Constitution - thanks to the manner in which FWP's ranks have been so infiltrated by environmentalists.

Your appointment of Martha Williams as Director of MT FWP is a great example of that.

Why is it, a game warden is required to have a degree in wildlife biology or wildlife management in order to work for FWP ... but you will put a lawyer, without any such qualifications, in charge of that agency? 

One speculation among those who truly challenge Williams' appointment is that putting such an environmentalist in charge of the agency that controls EXACTLY what the radical environmentalists seek to eliminate (hunting, fishing, human use of wild lands) is nothing more than a payback to the environmental groups which invested in getting you re-elected.

This is going to become a very public battle.  And a lot of dirty laundry is going to be hung out for all to see.

Toby Bridges
Missoula, MT 


William's tie to the University of Montana School of Law also throws up a very red flag.  That agenda driven "Institution of Lower Learning" has backed every agenda driven attack against the true Northern Rockies lifestyle.  That university has turned out some of the sorriest wildlife biologists and managers to taint real wildlife management.  That school is actually teaching wildlife management that is 180 degrees in the opposite direction of the North American Model for Wildlife Management .... which saved our wildlife from being totally lost a hundred years ago.
The fact that the National Wildlife Federation has jumped in so strongly to endorse "Director Williams" could say reams about HER real agenda.

I have spent a lot of time searching the internet trying to find what makes her so qualified to take over our state game and fish department.  There's so little, it's scary.  It's as if the internet has been wiped hide who this woman really is.

I challenge each of you to go to work...dig deep...and share what you find.  

Toby Bridges
Missoula, MT

​                                                                                Published 1-30-17


I'm not exactly comfortable with the naming of Martha Williams as Director of MT Fish, Wildlife and Parks by Governor Bullock.

She is clearly not qualified to head an agency entrusted with the management of game and fish. She has no formal education in wildlife management .... or for that matter...Parks!  Her only tie with FWP has been in a legal capacity...and she has also worked in that capacity for the very same people who illegally dumped non-native wolves into the Greater Yellowstone Area - the good ol' Department of the Interior and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

​Hell, even Joe Maurier was more qualified than she is to head FWP.  After all, his background was in Parks Administration.  Still...look at the beating our wildlife had to endure while Governor Schweitzer allowed his old college room mate to destroy the integrity of MT FWP.
     New MT FWP Director Martha Williams

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Do A Little Investigative Work Of Your Own Use The Search Engines To See What You Can Find About Martha Williams Ties To Environmental Groups...Questionable Environmental Laws...Spurious Department Of The Interior & U.S. Fish And Wildlife Service Policies ... And Her Environmental Work While Teaching Enviromental Law At The University Of Montana...And Please Share What You Find!