End of Days ... For Me and LOBO WATCH

     "Goodbye everybody I've got to go ..."   So goes the song "Bohemian Rhapsody" by the group Queen.  Well, the reality of it all has finally come to me ... and in April, I will be wrapping up my LOBO WATCH efforts.

     I can remember one March evening back in 2008.  My beautiful partner in life, Christy, and I were sitting together on the couch ... watching television.  She sensed that something was troubling me, and as she usually would, just outright commented ... "Something is bothering you ... what is it?"

"Well, first let me say that meeting and getting to know you has been the single best thing that has ever happened to me.  I know we're struggling to make ends meet ... that the work I do on my NORTH AMERICAN MUZZLELOADER HUNTING website and with several companies in the shooting & hunting industry DO NOT adequately pay the bills ... and that the last thing I should ever consider would be to jump into something that will require at least twenty or more hours of my time EVERY WEEK ... and WITHOUT ANY PAY .  But ... damn it ... someone has to launch an all out attack on the phony wildlife organizations ... corrupt  game and fish agencies ... filthy rich son-of-a-bitches ... and paid off public officials who are all a part of the big money driven agenda to let wolves destroy the past hundred years of real wildlife conservation.  While I might not be the guy to take them all on ... I just want to do my part to keep the spotlight on all the damned criminals who are hell bent to let the United Nations destroy this country ... and the wacko radical environmentalists who are out to totally eliminate our way of life!" I answered.   
     I then went into detail about a new movement, to be called LOBO WATCH - and how the primary focus of the effort would be to keep the "wolf criminals" in the eye of the public ... and to build a fire under EVERY ILLEGAL aspect of the Northern Rockies Wolf Recovery Project ... or any other "faux conservation" wolf project.  I explained the launch of a website ... and the regular circulation of press releases sharing all that was wrong about the manner in which the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service dumped a totally non-native wolf into the region - with one purpose and one purpose only - TO DESTROY BIG GAME HERDS AND ELIMINATE THE NEED FOR HUMAN HUNTERS FOR WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT!  And went on and on about the lies ... deceit ... and theft surrounding what had quickly become the greatest wildlife disaster of our lifetimes.

     She looked at me ... smiled ... and said, "Let's do it!"  
     That wonderful woman was with me every step of the way - during protests outside the federal courthouse in Missoula ... traveling to make a presentation ... helping me to shoot photos ...covering for me when I was up to my ears in work ... taking phone calls ... even carrying a sign at wolf protest rallies.  That's her standing right next to me in the above right photo at a wolf protest rally in Cody, Wyoming.

     We didn't have the "extra money" to do all of this ... and we got $0 financial support ... but we knew it was something we had to do ... and we did it.  She became my incentive ... and I her's.  We sacrificed a lot to not only carry on the battle ... but to also orchestrate and organize many of the fights. .
     One of the greatest days in my life was the day (December 17, 2007) when I kissed Christy for the first time ... and the darkest day in my life is when I had to sit down and fill out her death certificate (October 27, 2014).  She was my life ... she was what kept the pulse of LOBO WATCH beating strong.

     Without her, life has gotten extemely tough - mentally, physically and financially.  One of her last requests of me, the day she suffered a double brain aneurysm, was that I always provide a home for our animals.  I now feel that she knew that day that she was not going to make it ... and a little more than two months later the World lost one of the greatest people to ever inhabit the Third Rock from the Sun.  I lost the love of my life.

     Together, she and I had barely enough income to pay the house mortgage ... to keep caught up on all the other bills ... and to have enough food in the house for her, I and our animals - Bob, Tully, Saboe, Lucy, KeeKee and Cletus.  Now that she's gone, I've somehow  managed to keep on scratching and clawing to hang on, even though I knew I was losing a little bit more ground each and every month.  Keeping the lights on has just gotten harder and harder ... and so has being financially able to get out and do much of anything which contributes to my income ... which has been at or below the "poverty level" for most of the past 20 years. 
     I've never claimed to be a "business man".  While I have enjoyed several "management posiiton" jobs with a few major outdoor sports companies, it was because of what I know about the outdoors ... about outdoor products - and how they are used.  I've always worked in design and marketing promotion ... not sales.  And that's probably why a couple of businesses I tried to start up failed. One of those failures caught up with me a couple of days before writing this - which was named Cape Traders.  It was a business dealing in collectible antiques, such as  old knives ... 1700's and 1800' stoneware crocks and bowls ... cast iron toys, coffee grinders, cookware ... old metal signs ... and other such items.  It was kind of like the television show "Pickers".  

     I worked at building my muzzleloader hunting web site, and buying much of the antique and collectible inventory, which was sold on-line.  By the time I discovered that my partner was selling many of the items for far less than I had paid for them, thousands of dollars had been lost ... and an attempt to save the businss ended up costing even thousands more.
​​​      Well, that failure has reared its ugly head again ... and the IRS now claims that I owe them a healthy chunk of money ... from operating a business that ended up costing me tens of thousands of dollars.  I just don't have the money to pay ... and they are threatening to seize pretty much all I have ... and want even more.  Well, my only recourse is to sell the Missoula home that Christy and I have lived in since I came to Montana that December back in 2007.  To do that, I will be devoting my time on doing the necessary repairs ... painting ... and cleaning.  For the next couple of months, I have an entirely new priority.  Once the home is sold ... and the federal government mafia is appeased ... my plans are to buy a small cabin out in the country, about a 140 miles northwest of Missoula.​​
     Christy and I had always planned to move to that part of the state anyway ... some of her ashes are scattered at a number of our favorite spots ... within 20 miles of the cabin.  The dogs love it there as well, especially with one of Montana's largest reservoirs within a couple of miles of the cabin.  With the downsizing of "Home", I'll devote my time to build my NORTH AMERICAN MUZZLELOADER HUNTING webste even bigger and better - and devote a bit more time to working with promoting the products of a couple of companies I have now worked with for the past 12 or 14 years.  The money coming in might not grow much ... but just getting out  of Missoula ... and away from this liberal green city's outrageous taxes will lighten the financial burden.  Who knows, I might even write another book.  So, if you ever see some ol' white bearded guy walking down a rural Northwest Montana road, or standing on a corner, holding up this sign - please stop and help him out.  I know him well, he's a great guy ... and his intentions have always been good.  - Toby Bridges ... LOBO WATCH since 2008!

                                     Two More Feature Posts To Be Made In April!


                   Never Give Up The Wolf Fight!

This Website Will Remain On The Internet Through 2017...

Who Knows ... If I Get Snowed In Next Winter ... Or Get Really      Bored Or Pissed Off  ... I Just Might Fire It Back Up Again! 

                                                                          March 22, 2017